Daily Check-Ins

Here is a list of contemplations to consider throughout the day to check in with yourself.

  • How am I holding my body right now? (Am I clenching the jaw? Is there tension anywhere?)
  • How does my body feel? What sensations are here?
  • What feelings or emotions do I notice?
  • Are there any thoughts coming up that need my attention?
  • What is the dominant thought pattern or tone of thoughts? (For example, are thoughts focused on the absence of something desired, in a loop of fear, or are there many exciting and inspiring thoughts about a new opportunity).

Stop. Pause. Breathe.

Ask yourself the following questions.

Awareness & connection

  • Am I in a state of being or doing?
  • How can I connect to myself more at this moment?
  • How can I bring more ease, calm, or flow into what I am up to?


  • What is my intention for this moment or for this particular part of my day?
  • Am I aligned with the intention that I set for my day? For my afternoon? For this activity or period of time?


  • What are my physiological needs? (Do I need to use the bathroom? Do I need water? Do I need to eat? Do I need to sleep more tonight?)
  • What are my mental/emotional needs? (Do I need to express a boundary to someone, phone a friend, or practice self-care?)

Self-care & self-compassion

  • How can I show myself some kindness right now?
  • How can I provide self-care or give myself self-love right now, or today?

Once you ask the question, listen for the answer. Then offer yourself what you need right now. No excuses. You’re not too busy; your well-being matters.

Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash



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Jessie Bri

Jessie Bri


Writer, teacher, mindfulness facilitator, Reiki practitioner and embodiment & empowerment leader.