Gemini Season Is Here: Let’s Play

Jessie Bri
2 min readJun 9, 2022


Photo by Anastasiya Romanova on Unsplash

June has arrived, and with it soon, the summer solstice, as we embrace and celebrate the new season.
This time is all about connecting to that playful side of yourself, networking and connecting with others, traveling or trying something new. It’s a time of bathing in the sunshine of all that is now coming to us from the seasons past where we were planting many seeds.

In order to realize some of the sunshine that is coming to you, you need to access this play, fun, free, and enlivened energy. It involves, as simple as it may sound, playing. Think of your inner child, the little you who would run and shriek, jump and laugh. What would they want to do for play? Mine would want to go on the swings, run through the sunflowers, eat fun foods with family, and go to the beach. Is there a way I can do this for myself now, or something similar? There sure is. As an adult, I love to go to the beach, run through beautiful nature, eat incredible food with family and friends, go on picnics, roadtrips, and adventures.

Photo by Jorge Saavedra on Unsplash

So this month, the practice is to play. Ask yourself each day, what can I do to play today? What would play look like to me? What kind of play would feel good right now?

Being in this state of play is how you will connect with the energy of the season and in turn the results of your growing seeds.

I’m going to go dance, that’s my play today.

Photo by Juan Camilo Navia on Unsplash



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